Jane Brooks Gym and Swim


Jane’s Gym and Swim lessons aim to introduce children to regular physical activity from an early age and maintain their interest throughout their lives. Through gymnastics and swimming we aim to develop fundamental skills and help children recognise the importance of physical activity through fun and enjoyable sessions.


Welcome to Jane Brooks Gym & Swim


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What the kids and parents say:

“I couldn't recommend Jane's lessons enough.  Having tried every other lesson in our area... the others don’t compare.  The classes are small and the teaching takes place in the water. The children love their lessons and really do excel as a result.”

Liz Coppin (mum)

“...It is a definite highlight of the week. The combination of singing, climbing and activities means they gain so much variation from each session. Highly recommended to all and we luckily have 2 years left yet!”

Hazell Hunt (mum)

“Awesome...very awesome”

Samson Canham (5 yr old)